3 greatest Minecraft Anarchy realms

Anarchy just seems like one of the best game modes in Minecraft to me. I’ve played a lot of survival and spent countless hours in various Skyblock challenges and the like, but anarchy just brings out my inner savage like no other game mode. It’s the game mode that turned Minecrafts greatest weakness, that being people basically being annoying and griefing others into it’s greatest strength. While some may argue that it’s just no fun playing the game without rules against people doing bad things, but on the other hand, I believe anarchy servers are the actually purest form of Minecraft gameplay on offer. So without further ado, these are some of my favorite Minecraft anarchy servers in no particular order.


Like the name suggests StraightUpSurvival is all about surviving the experience, there are no rules and no sanctions, save for hacking or cheating. While there are plenty of people playing, they’re generally spread out pretty thinly since most people just straight up go to war with each other the second they see each other. A really fun server.


ExtremeCraft prides themselves on the fact that their servers are well moderated and kept within boundaries of reason and fun. Their anarchy realms run counter to their entire point, however they’re extremely populated and so you’re more likely to find people who aren’t as savvy in Minecraft as you might be, which while it might take away from your enjoyment of the game, but it also makes it a bit easier to get started and better.


This one is one of those servers where you find people who’ve committed their inventory management to muscle memory to get that few microseconds shaved off of their fighting patterns. It’s one of the oldest and most tryhard servers in my opinion and well beyond the fun range of starting players. However if you want to test yourself against the veterans of the game and see where you end up, then this is the place to be for you.

These are my favorite Minecraft anarchy servers. While most people will surely be able to play on at least one of these if you find yourself on the wrong side of the community, which makes your life pretty much a living hell on these servers, I can still recommend this Minecraft server list, so you can find a server for yourself, though I’d still recommend trying out the game on these servers since they’re truly standouts in my opinion.

How can I improve a raspberry pi minecraft server?

So I’m interested in building a minecraft server using raspberry pis. I only have 3 people that join my current server and wanted to migrate from a hosting site to a dedicated server of my own.

My first thought was to just use a raspberry pi 4 8gb to make it. However I have read that there are still performance bottlenecks and lag even with the pi4 8gb.

I was wondering if instead of just one pi could I run multiple 2gb or 4gb pi4s in a cluster for more CPU power. I am unsure if that would help improve performance or not though, I don’t know much about pi clusters.

So would a pi4 cluster improve the performance of a minecraft server or does the clock speed of the cpu have more to do with the minecraft server performance and not the core count?

I could be very wrong since I don’t know much about clusters, but doesn’t making a cluster only add to more cores so it just multitasks better or could more cores really improve a minecraft server’s performance?